As a mathematician specialising in applied nonlinear dynamical systems, with a broad knowledge of the mathematical sciences, and with extensive scientific computing skills, I welcome the opportunity to work with businesses and agencies to solve practical problems and to conduct joint research projects. Please contact me to explore possibilities.

Photograph of Ben Mestel at the Science March in London in 2017.
Supporting Science in Parliament Square, London, in April 2017.

Areas of particular expertise

  • Applied dynamical systems and chaos
  • Systems modelling including applications of mathematics in the energy industry
  • Modelling of financial time series
  • Applied mathematical modelling in the physical, life and engineering sciences
  • E-Learning of mathematics, with a particular focus on e-assessment

Computing experience

I have over 30 years experience of computer programming for administrative, research and teaching purposes using the UNIX/LINUX, Windows and MacOS operating systems. I have worked in Fortran, Maple, Mathematica, R, C, C++, Visual Basic, Perl, Python, (X)HTML, XML, LATEX, as well as numerical (NAG), database, spreadsheet and general word-processing software.