During my 25+ years of higher education teaching I have taught modules in a wide range of mathematical subjects and at all levels, from first year to MSc, and from large to small groups. I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, an accomplished teacher of mathematics, with a strong commitment to excellence and innovation, particularly in the use of new technology to enhance student learning. I have taught both face to face and online and I have a particular interest in electronic assessment in mathematics. I have also published research into the effective use of technology in higher education mathematics teaching.

Mathematics Online

During 2006-2009 I led the Mathematics Online Project to develop the Open University’s online delivery of mathematics (and other symbolically rich disciplines) in a blended learning environment. The project combined technical development work in online delivery, with bona fide educational and practitioner-focussed research and training. Strands included electronic submission and marking of the many thousands of student mathematics assignments handled by the University per year; mathematics student support and tutorial provision via synchronous communication over the web; and eAssessment with randomized questions and computer-algebra facilitated marking and feedback.

Modules developed and/or taught

To give a flavour of my teaching contribution at Exeter, Stirling, Cambridge and the Open University, here is a list of modules/courses that I have taught (and, in many cases, designed) during my academic career to date.

Dynamical Functional Equations and their Applications, Calculus of Variations and Advanced Calculus, Mathematical Modelling, Area Preserving Twist Maps, Modelling with Differential Equations, Quantitative Methods for Business Decisions, Calculus, Numerical Analysis, Problem Solving in Mathematics, Calculus of Variations & Vector Analysis, Introduction to Probability and Statistics, Advanced Differential Equations, Mathematical Methods for Scientists, Linear Algebra, Matrix Methods, Introduction to Analysis, Function Spaces, Complex Analysis, Fractal Geometry & Dimension, Complex Analytic Dynamics, Key Skills for Mathematical Sciences, Directed Reading in Topology and Metric Spaces, Applied Analysis, Mathematics: History & Culture, Advanced Topics in Analysis.